Hades Titan Blood – How to Get?

Hades developed and published by Supergiant Games is a rogue-like game. It was released in 2020 for other platforms except for PlayStation, but now it’s available for PS4 and PS5 also. There are several missions, weapons, and unlockables for players in Hades. Weapons are one of the essential elements of Hades. There are several “Aspects” in each weapon that can be unlocked. You will need Titan Blood to unlock all the weapons’ Aspects. So in this guide, we will tell you how to get Titan Blood in Hades.

How to Get Titan Blood in Hades:

To obtain additional resources and Titan Blood in Hades, you must proceed through the game’s plot. There are numerous ways to obtain Titan Blood in Hades.

The first approach is to perform numerous runs and then check in with the wretched broker at the conclusion of each run, even if you die. At the wretched broker, you can occasionally discover a decent bargain to acquire Titan Blood in return for Ambrosia. Because Ambrosia is difficult to get in Hades, you must first swap Diamonds for Ambrosia, and then exchange Ambrosia for Titan Blood.

The second way to obtain Titan Blood is to go through your fading lists. Many of them contain Titan Blood and Ambrosia rewards, which can be traded for Titan Blood. So make sure you must unlock all of them.

The third and last way to obtain Titan Blood is to switch on the golden touch, collect as much gold as possible throughout the run, and then purchase Titan Blood from the STYX Shop.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Titan Blood in Hades.