Hades God Mode – Can You Unlock Achievements/Trophies in God Mode?

Supergiant Games developed and published Hades, a roguelike action dungeon crawler video game. It seems to be a severe roguelike. You will have to manage to exit the underworld, by dealing with difficult bosses. Boons and Talents make escaping the underworld more manageable, however, some difficult bosses will make the escaping difficult for you. There’s also a God Mode in Hades that makes things easier, but some players are wondering if they can unlock achievements or trophies by playing in God Mode, or is there a cost of using it?. So in this guide, we will tell you how to use Hade’s God Mode and does it disable Hades’ achievements/trophies or not?

Hades’ God Mode: Does it Disable Achievements/ Trophies?

The Simple answer is no: God Mode of Hades doesn’t deactivate achievements or trophies, and there’s also no penalty of using Hades’ God Mode. Instead, in some ways, it makes the game easier and increases the power generated while playing.

God Mode functions as a type of difficulty adjuster in Hades, as there are no difficulty settings in the game. When you select the God Mode for the first time, it gives you a 20% defensive boost. This boost increases by 2% each time, making you stronger against the enemy attacks after returning to the House of Hades. It has a maximum damage reduction of 80% and remains on your save file whether the mode is activated or not. Basically, you don’t lose the percentage you have accumulated.

How to Activate God Mode?

You will have to go to the “Settings” menu to toggle God Mode on and off. If you want to toggle on the God Mode, you will have to pause your game and select “Settings.” Scroll down to “Subtitles,” then right to see the God Mode in the center.

Zagreus will gain a 20% damage reduction boost, as shown by text over his head when you exit the menu for the first time. You will see in-game text indicating that the % bonus has been gone, along with a minus sign and the percentage you have obtained thus far when you disable God Mode.  This doesn’t imply that you have lost your cumulative percentage. It simply indicates that God Mode has been disabled.

That’s everything you need to know about Hades’ God Mode, including how to activate it, and if it affects achievements/trophies.