God Of War | How To Fix The Not Enough Memory Error on PC?

God Of War has been released for PC and players are facing several errors since its launch. Here’s how to fix the Not Enough Memory Error in God of War.

GOW was originally released in 2018 on PlayStation 4, and now it has been released for PC on January 14, 2022. Just like most games, there are several errors experienced by the players which are not letting them play the game since its launch on PC. So we have made this guide to help you fix the Not Enough Memory error in GOW.

God of War – Fix For The Not Enough Memory Error:

Several players are unable to play God Of War on PC due to the Not Enough Memory Error. So follow the instructions below to fix this error in GOW:

  • You can fix this error by disabling the integrated GPU for your system Only.
  • Follow the instructions below to disable the integrated GPU.
    Go to Device Manager.
    Expand “Display Adapters” from the Device Manager window.
    You will see two options there:
    1. Dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPU.
    2. Integrated GPU.
    Disable the Integrated GPU by right-clicking on it.

The Not Enough Memory Error will be resolved after you disable the Integrated GPU for your system and you will be able to play GOW.