Ghost Of Tsushima: How to Unlock Playstation Easter Eggs on Iki Island?

The director’s cut of The Ghost Of Tsushima is now out, bringing with it new content, PS5 improvements, a Co-op option, and numerous other additions, including a new island called “Iki Island.” Iki Island is a large territory filled with both beauty and terror. This new island has a lot to offer, including several unusual-looking Shrines. This guide will show you how to find Iki Island’s Playstation Easter Eggs in Ghost Of Tsushima.

Iki Island’s Playstation Easter Eggs: How to Unlock?

In the multiplayer mode Legends of Ghost Of Tsushima, there were several amazing Playstation Outfits. These outfits have now made their way into the main game, and you can unlock them all for Jin.

First Outfit:

In the Northeast of Iki Island, near the outskirts of Yahata Forest. You’ll come upon the Shrine of Ash, which has an obvious allusion to 2018’s God Of War. At the foot of the Shrine, there is a Scroll with a riddle engraved on it. Each of these Shrine contains a similar riddle. You must concentrate on the last two lines of each riddle.

For example, “Boy, honour your father’s fight” is a hint to put on the Sakai Clan armor that Jin’s Father previously wore. The last line “Show him the strength of your blade,” implies that you must draw your blade by swiping right on the dual senses touchpad. This will unlock the God of War-inspired full outfit, which includes a helmet, mask, and armor.

Second Outfit:

Go to the Shrine in Shadow, which is located in the south near the Buddha’s footsteps, to get the second outfit. When you arrive, you will see a symbol like that of eco’s masterpiece, Shadow of the Colossus. The scroll can be found right underneath the sword. The second riddle is as follows:

The solution to this riddle is as such:

“Wanderer, come like through mist.” This suggests that you must use a smoke bomb, while the final sentence “a ghost casting no shadow” means that you must wear the ghost outfit. So put on the Ghost Outfit and launch a smoke bomb to unlock your new Colossus outfit.

Third Outfit:

To get the third outfit, head west towards Ganora Cape to the Blood Saint Shrine. This Shrine is dedicated to Bloodborne.  Open your Scroll and concentrate on the last two lines, just like you did on the last two riddles.  The third riddle is as follows:

The first line is, “Hunter, reject death’s allure,” which implies you just need to press down on the d-pad to heal. If your health is at its maximum, jump from the hills to deplete it. Now that you know that you must wear armor to solve each riddle, the last line “Prepare to duel man’s frailty” suggests that you must wear a certain armor.
If you haven’t completed all of the Straw Hat Jewels in the main game, you won’t be able to solve this riddle. This is due to the fact that you must wear the Kensei armor, which you obtain through completing that questline. If you already have it, all you have to do is equip it and heal yourself to have access to Yharnam’s finest fashion collection, which is made up of about 20,000 crow feathers.

Fourth Outfit:

Now for the Last outfit, travel to Promontory Island in the North to find the Broken Shrine. This Shrine is dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn, although there are no scrolls or armor sets to be found here. Because the only character in Legends who could wear this outfit was a female, so it means that it isn’t made for Jin.

So that’s how you can unlock three of the four outfits in Ghost of Tsushima.