Genshin Impact | Heart Of Watasumi Quest | How To Solve All Puzzle

Several players want to know how to complete the Heart of Watasumi Quest. Here’s how to complete Heart of Watasumi Quest in Genshin Impact.

Heart of Watasumi is a quest in GI that players will have to complete to get access to a cave in which they will find the second Key Sigil which is necessary to get access to Enkanomiya. So we have made this guide to tell you how to complete the Heart of Watasumi quest.

How To Complete The Heart Of Watasumi Quest in Genshin Impact:

You will have to first complete the remaining four parts of the Watasumi quest to start the Heart of Watasumi quest in GI. Once you complete them go to Sangonomiya Shrine and talk to Tsuyuko. She will take you to the Heart of Watasumi entrance once you tell her that you have the four pearls that are required to unlock the gate. Follow the instructions mentioned below to complete the Heart of Watasumi quest:

  • Go to the blue energy wall and give the four pearls to unlock the door.
  • You will have to complete four puzzles before you go inside in the correct order, so assign numbers to them. Here’s the correct order:
    ⇒  In your front.
    ⇒  To Your Left.
    ⇒  To Your Right.
    ⇒  Behind the central dais.
  • Go through each section in the correct order.
  • The first three puzzles are the same, first of all, you have to turn the fish statues inward and then kill the Hydro Mimics and interact with the puzzle’s main pillar.
  • In the fourth puzzle, you will have to interact with the main pillar first and then turn the fish statues inward.
  • Once you complete all the four puzzles, a cutscene will play showing Hydro energy gathering in the massive pearl.
  • Once the cutscene ends, get the key of the Deep and complete the quest by talking to Tasyuko again.