Genshin Impact | All Abilities & Skills of Candace

Candace is a new upcoming character in Genshin Impact. Here are all the details we know about Candace in Genshin Impact.

Developers are planning to release a new character in a near future called “Candace” in Genshin Impact. We know about Candace’s talents, abilities, and plot significance, as well as Candace’s Genshin Impact powers and skills. In this guide, we will tell you all the details we know about Candace in GI. So keep reading this guide to know more about Candace!

Genshin Impact – Candace:

Here are all the details we know about Candace:

  • Candace is a hydro-based character with a pole-arm, so melee DPS gamers will like her.
  • It is not confirmed yet that she will be a 5-Star or 4-Star character.
  • Her skills show that she will be just a support player in GI.
  • Candace is a bad person according to legend.
  • She guards Aaru Village and is tranquil. 
  • Due to her job assisting and safeguarding villages, she’s enthusiastic about helping.
  • When she discovers you threaten the ones she’s protecting, she becomes a mommy bear.
  • She’s defined as a “powerful fighter who won’t abuse her strength” in a leaked spoken dialogue.
  • As a descendant of King Deshret, she can create desert storms.
  • She was a treasure hoarder, which explains her combat skills, Candace helps refugees and ensures everyone’s comfort in Aaru, but if you are a danger, she will kill you for sure.
  • Her skills are unknown at the moment. However, her talents suggest that she is a supporting character.
  • Her Shield can aid her teammates, she has three charge levels like Diona or Sara. 
  • Her elemental explosions benefit the whole party.
  • Candace will be introduced in Genshin Impact on 28 September 2022 in update 3.1

That’s everything we know about Candace in Genshin Impact.