Genshin Impact 2.3 | Who is Ms. Hina?

Every day there is some new lea on Twitter and this time it’s about Genshin Impact. There is a leak going around about the new character release Ms. Hina. Ms. Hina is already being called “Gorou’s Mother” due to fans’ quick reactions who seem partial towards him – here are all their thoughts so far…

Since the beginning of Inazuma Archon Quest, there are more new anime characters who came into the game.  Mondstadt already had catboys and girls, but now they’re branching out to include Adepti’s as well! Last week Liyue introduced us all to her newest waifu inspired by Yokai – who wouldn’t want one?

Genshin Impact – Who is Ms. Hina?

Miss Hina in Genshin Impact is a personality that was leaked on Twitter to replace 2.3, and she quickly became the most loved character by followers due to her artwork, which depicts an attractive female model of Arataki Itto’s prospective playable protagonist. Many individuals assumed Gorou’s mom because they saw how much resemble it had been drawn as well!

Genshin Impact Leak About Ms. Hina

At first glance, it may seem like a leak that Ms. Hina in Genshin Impact replace 2.3 is the columnist for Yae Miko’s That’s Life journal and Gorou works as a nameless contributor to Honey Hunter World magazine–but there are some interesting details! The Twitter thread by Childe_txt reveals Itto has submitted their work to the journal and has an enormous crush on the supposed woman.