Forspoken | How To Unlock & Master Purple Magic

In this guide, we will tell you about the best Forspoken Purple Magic Spells, So keep reading this guide!

Forspoken, Square Enix’s open-world action game, introduces players to a variety of elemental magic, each color-coded for easy identification. While red magic represents fire spells, blue represents water, and so on, the first type of magic players start with is purple magic, also known as Frey’s magic. This type of magic is all about “moving shit with my freakin’ mind,” as Frey so eloquently phrases it in an early cutscene.

As players delve deeper into the mystical world of Forspoken, they will accumulate mana through their journey of leveling up and exploring the vast open world. While this mana can be utilized to enhance the power of attack spells, it is more advantageous to unlock the various support spells available. Players have the potential to unlock a total of eight support spells per elemental category, and the more support magic they possess, the better prepared they will be to tackle the game’s more challenging battles.


So, which purple magic support spells should players unlock first?


Disperse is essentially an automated turret and is invaluable against bosses. It can continuously deal damage while players focus on dodging attacks.


When cast, Prime places a proximity mine where the player is standing. Any enemies caught in the blast will get knocked over and remain immobile for a few seconds if they survive at all.


Activating Leach removes any poison effects that enemies may have afflicted the player with. (Note: this spell can eventually be rendered useless by applying the “immune to poison” effect to the player’s cloak at a crafting station.)

Genesis Lv. 2

Surge magic is the most powerful type of spell in Forspoken, allowing players to deal a ton of damage over a wide area. Unlocking the second level of Genesis means players can cast it twice in a row by continuing to hold down the DualSense’s triggers.

One important thing to keep in mind as you play Forspoken is that the game allows for the flexibility to change your spell choices. If at any point you find that a spell you have unlocked is not to your liking, you can easily undo your decision. In the Magic menu, simply hover over the spell in question and press and hold the Triangle button on your PlayStation 5 controller.

By unlocking and mastering these purple magic support spells, players will be well-equipped to tackle Forspoken’s bosses and come out victorious. Happy spellcasting!