Fire Emblem Engage | How To Level Up Past 20

Fire Emblem Engage is a challenging turn-based strategy role-playing game where leveling up your characters is essential to progress and succeed in combat.

However, many players are curious about how to level up past 20, as this is often seen as a level cap in the game. Here’s how you can level up past 20 in Fire Emblem Engage.

How To Past Level 20 in Fire Emblem Engage:

Here’s how to do it!

  1. Acquire Master Seals:

    Master Seals are items that allow you to promote a character from one class to another. Promoting a character to a higher class will grant them access to new skills and stats, allowing them to level up past 20.

  2. Complete high-difficulty missions:

    Engaging in high-difficulty missions will grant your characters more experience points, allowing them to level up faster. Completing these missions will also grant you Master Seals, allowing you to promote your characters to higher classes.

  3. Make use of Experience Tomes:

    Experience Tomes are items that grant a character a set amount of experience points. Using these tomes can help your characters level up faster, especially when combined with high-difficulty missions and regular combat.

  4. Build strong support relationships:

    Building strong support relationships between your characters can grant them bonus experience points in battle. These relationships can be built by having characters participate in battle together, having conversations with each other in the barracks, and spending time together on the battlefield.

Leveling up past 20 in Fire Emblem Engage requires acquiring Master Seals, completing high-difficulty missions, making use of Experience Tomes, and building strong supportive relationships. With these steps, you can take your characters to new heights and strengthen your army’s abilities in combat.