Fire Emblem Engage | Best Class And Gifts For Zelkov

Zelkov is a recruitable character in Fire Emblem Engage and is one of the most versatile units in the game.

With high stats in strength, speed, and skill, Zelkov can excel in a variety of different classes. In this article, we’ll explore the best classes for Zelkov, as well as the best gifts to give him to increase his support level.

Best Class Zelkov in Fire Emblem Engage:

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Zelkov starts out as a Mercenary in Fire Emblem Engage. However, as he levels up, you can change his class to better suit your needs. For Zelkov, the best classes are those that focus on his strengths: strength, speed, and skill.

The best class for Zelkov is the Hero class. The Hero class has high strength and skill stats, which makes Zelkov a formidable force in battle. Additionally, the Hero class has access to powerful weapons, such as the Brave Sword, which will increase Zelkov’s damage output.

Another great class for Zelkov is the Thief class. The Thief class focuses on speed, which makes Zelkov a great candidate for it. Zelkov’s high-speed stat will allow him to dodge enemy attacks and get to the treasure chests first, which is important in the Thief class. Additionally, the Thief class has access to unique skills, such as Lockpicking and Stealth, which will increase Zelkov’s effectiveness in battle.

When it comes to gifts, the best gifts to give Zelkov are those that increase his stats, such as elixirs or tonics. You can also increase your support level with Zelkov by giving him gifts that he likes, such as meat or sweet treats. To find out what gifts Zelkov likes, you can check his support conversations with other characters.

Zelkov is a versatile and valuable unit in Fire Emblem Engage. By choosing the right class and giving him the best gifts, you can increase his effectiveness in battle and make him a valuable asset to your army. Whether you choose the Hero class or the Thief class, Zelkov is sure to be a valuable addition to your team.