Far Cry 6 | Where To Use The Mysterious Key?

In Far Cry 6, players will get their hands on a mysterious key during a side quest “Fetch Quest Yaran Story” in which they will have to help a dog named “Chorizo.” When they complete this quest Chorizo will become players amigo and he will give the players a mysterious key. On the side of the key, the words “Guau-Guau” are carved but players don’t know what it means and where they can use this mysterious key. So in this guide, we will tell you where to use the mysterious key in Far Cry 6.

Where To Use The Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6?

There are several islands in the game some of them are big and some of them are small. You won’t remember the name of most of them. One of these islands is Guau-Guau which is a small island located inside Casas Cove, west of Quito Bay in the center of Isla Santuario.

If you want to get there, you can either fast travel to Clara’s initial Libertad Camp or receive an airdrop over a freed military roadblock. When you get to this small island Guau-Guau, you will find a chest lying near some Fishermen. Use the mysterious key to open the chest and you will get the F**k Anton unique Rifle from inside the chest.

That’s everything there is to know about where to use the mysterious key in Far Cry 6.

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