Dragon Ball: The Breakers | Is it Crossplatform/Crossplay?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been released finally and players are asking if is it cross-platform/crossplay. Here’s the answer!

Bandai Namco has been quite active as of late in releasing a variety of Dragon Ball games. They have created a variety of games that are worthy of the heritage of one of the most well-liked anime series that has ever been produced. These games range from the entertaining open-world game Kakarot to the enormously popular fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. The subsequent chapter, titled Dragon Ball: The Breakers, is a seven-versus-one survival game, much to Dead by Daylight. Will there be crossplay in The Breakers, just as there is in the widely played horror game? So keep reading to find out all the details below in this guide!

Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Cross-Platform/Crossplay:

When fans learned that Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be available on personal computers, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, it was only natural for them to wonder whether or not the game would support crossplay. During an interview that took place in January 2022, Siliconera posed a question to the game’s producer, Ryosuke Hara, about the possibility of cross-play and cross-save functionality. His response did not bring up a significant number of urgent problems. Hara claims that there are no current plans to enable cross-platform storing and loading capabilities.

It may be challenging to develop games that are compatible with several platforms, and it may be much more challenging to put that strategy into effect. Fans almost certainly expected a different response considering that Dragon Ball: The Breakers would only be available online, but it seems that the creators do not plan to make crossplay compatibility either a launch feature or a future priority in the game.

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, each of the seven players assumes control of a different non-powered character from the Dragon Ball universe, and one of the players takes on the role of one of the major antagonists from the Dragon Ball series. In the Dragon Ball video games based on the series, powerful characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo are given significant prominence, providing fans with at least something to look forward to in the games.

That’s all there is to know about is it Dragon Ball The Breakers Cross-platform/crossplay?