Does Guardians of the Galaxy have Co-op or not?

GOTG is finally out. Several players are wondering that does Guardians of the Galaxy has Co-op or not. So here we will answer this question.

GOTG is an action-packed adventure game that was released on Oct 26, 2021, on several platforms. There are five characters in GOTG: Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot. It has several puzzles, missions, collectibles for the players. Players are enjoying the game and they want to know does Guardians of the Galaxy has Co-op or not. So here in this guide, we will answer your question.

Is there a Co-op in Guardians of the Galaxy or not?

Unfortunately, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t have a multiplayer co-op. It’s only a single-player game and it has no multiplayer or co-op features in it.

You will only be able to play as Star-Lord and AI will control the remaining four characters throughout your adventurous journey in Guardians of the Galaxy. So GOTG is not a game for you if you want to play online multiplayer with your friends.

But the game is packed with a lot of thrilling adventures and action. So don’t miss the chance to go on the adventurous journey with the Guardians in the game.