Disney Dreamlight Valley | How To Feed Animals?

Continue reading if you are interested in learning about the nutritional requirements and feeding practices for the animals available in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is home to a number of creatures that defy description. The availability of Disney Shards is contingent upon whether or not you feed them. Different kinds of animals each have their own distinct ways of digesting the food they eat. Another strategy you might use to get people to follow you is to shower them with an excess of food. If you are planning a trip to Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, reading this article may provide you with useful knowledge on how to properly care for the animals that live there.

How To Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You will find 8 different animals that you can feed and make them follow. Here is the full list:

Animals Favorite food How to approach
Squirrels Peanuts Easy to get to and they come to you when theta re hungry.
Rabbits Carrots They are not easy to get to. Play with them a bit so you can approach them.
Sea Turtles Seaweed Approach them with Seaweed in hand if they get in a shell just wait and they will come out.
Raccoons Blueberries They will sit and look at you when they get hungry but still can run away if you run towards them so approach nice and easy.
Crocodiles Lobster Just go to them nice and easy and they will not give you much difficulty.
Foxes White Sturgeon Go after them and when they get hungry they will come to you.
Sunbirds Different types of Flowers They are Very fast and you need to keep following them at the same speed.
Ravens Unknown Till now not much information regarding them. We will update you if we find something new.