Disney Dreamlight Valley | How Avatar Designer Tool Works?

Here you can find detailed instructions for using the Avatar Designer Tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
At Disney Dreamlight Valley, you may assume the role of any of your favorite Disney heroes. 
You may play the main story, or you can build community and live like real person for while. 
Besides the main game, you may also play variety of minigames and hobbies, including fishing, cooking, and more. 
The game also has dedicated customization hub where you can make wide variety of changes. 
If you want to give your in-game character unique look, you might try using the Avatar Designer Tool. 
Down below, you’ll find detailed tutorial on how to use the Avatar Designer.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Avatar Designer Tool Guide

The game’s Avatar Designer Tool allows you wide variety of personalization options. 
All the information you need to know about the Avatar Designer Tool is here:
  • You’ll have to choose a character to play at the beginning of the game, but don’t worry; you’ll be able to make some customizations to them later on.

    Options to alter the body, lips, hair, eyes, and so on are all at your disposal.

    You may also change the level of transparency of certain body parts. This feature is often unavailable in games.

    Also, you may change whether or not your lips are colored, the color of your skin, or both.

    Once you’ve decided on their skin tone and physique type, you may start designing their wardrobe.

    You may dress up in a wide variety of characters in the game.

    The option to create your own wardrobe is also a first for the genre of video games.

    In Touch of Magic, you may pick a blank canvas and make your own costume out of any materials and colors you want.

    Once you’re done customizing your avatar, you may take pictures with any of your favorite Disney characters. Images may be saved if desired.