Digimon Survive | All Floramon Digivolutions

In Digimon Survive, Floramon is a plant-based Digimon and Saki’s companion. Here are all Floramon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive.

Floramon is Saki’s partner and it gets along with her as her coworker. Floramon can be acquired early in the game and it will remain a valuable asset for you throughout the game. So you must know about all of its Digivolutions and which ones are available to you. It starts as the base Rookies and it can be evolved three times. Each subsequent form is classified as Champion, Ultimate, or Mega. All of its evolutions are plant-based, it will evolve into a massive vegetable monster and a walking flower. In this guide, we will tell you about All Floramon Digivolutions available to you in DS.

All Floramon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive:

Here’s everything you need to know about all the Digivolutions of Floramon in DS:

  • Floramon Digivolutions often carry SP attacks that induce status illnesses, like paralysis, to your enemies.
  • Vegiemon is Floramon’s Champion form, and Floramon will Digivolve into Vegiemon at the end of Part 3 when fighting against Cyclonemon.
  • Around Part 6 Floramon will Digivolve into its Ultimate form, however, it will only be available to you if your affinity with Saki is about level 30.
  • Blossomon, the huge flower Digimon with walking tendrils, is Floramon’s Ultimate form.
  • There are two potential Mega Digivolutions available for Floramon, which one will you get depends upon the ending you get and your Karma.
  • Floramon Mega Digivolves into either Ceresmon Medium or Ebonwumon.
  • During Free Battles and Shadow Battles, you can recruit opponent Floramon.
  • Use the Talk option when fighting with another Floramon to recruit them.
  • Saki’s Floramon has a distinct Digivolution than other Floramons.
  • Only Saki’s Floramon can Mega Digivolve into Ceresmon Medium or Ebonwumon.
  • Whereas other Floramons can Digivolve into Vegiemon and Blossomon.
  • Similarly, Floramons that have been recruited can Digivolve from Vegiemon to Lillymon.
  • The Digimon can evolve from Lillymon into Rosemon, Ceresmon, or Puppetmon.
  • Ceresmon is a large vegetative Digimon with a humanoid shape perched on top of its head in canon.
  • Ceresmon Medium is just a person atop the massive Ceresmon beast.
  • If a recruited Floramon Ultimate Digivolves into a Bellosomon, instead of Mega Digivolving into Ceresmon Medium or Ebonwumon, that Bellosomon can Mega Digivolve into Ceresmon or Rosemon.
  • After every Digivolution, Saki’s Floramon reverts to its Rookie form.
  • Other Floramons don’t revert and continue to evolve.
  • Slabs will be needed to evolve non-partnered Digimon in DS.

That’s all there is to know about all the Digivolutions of Floramon in Digimon Survive.