Diablo Immortal | How To Complete The Lost Runes Quest?

Players are returning to the dark world of Sanctuary after the release of DI. Here’s how to complete the Lost Rune Quest in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is the newest entry in the Diablo franchise, it is a free-to-play game that revolves around dispatching demonic enemies and completing quests. Lost Runes is one of the quests and it requires you to solve a puzzle. So we have made this guide to tell you how to solve the puzzle and complete the Lost Runes quest in DI.

Diablo Immortal – Lost Runes:

Here’s how to complete the Lost Runes quest:

  • You can’t light nine lamps in a random order which means that you will have to light them in proper order.
  • You can find the solution to this puzzle in a book that can be found right next to you.
  • According to the book, you will have to light the first four lamps that are located at the corner and then press the center one.
  • Light the four lamps that are located in the four corners and then light the one in the middle to complete the puzzle.
  • Once you light all of them in the specific order the remaining lamps will light up as well.
  • The puzzle will be complete once you do that and the rune will appear.
  • After that, you can pick it up and finish the quest.