Destiny 2 | How To Find The Hidden Chest in Golgoroth Maze?

There’s a hidden chest in Golgoroth Maze that players don’t know where to find in the new King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2. Here’s the answer!

The King’s Fall raid is back in the destiny game series, it debuted in Destiny’s expansion Taken King. Bungie has added the King’s Fall raid in D2 as part of its new season 18 “Season of Plunder.” This time there are several changes made to King Fall’s raid so that players can enjoy some new content. The plate order for the Hidden chest in Golgoroth Maze is one of the changes made in the King’s Fall raid, and several players are stumped due to it. So here in this guide, we have listed all the essential details you should know about the plate order for the hidden chest in Golgoroth Maze in D2. So keep reading to find out more!

Destiny 2 – Golgoroth Maze Hidden Chest Plate Order:

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hidden chest plate order in the Golgoroth maze in D2:

  • During the King’s Fall raid, just before the confrontation with Golgoroth, you will find a plate maze that leads to a hidden chest.
  • For this chest to open, you must activate plates in a certain order.
  • If you step on the tiles in the right sequence, you will unlock the chest.
  • However, one more plate has been added to the previous four plates that were available in the first King’s Fall raid in Destiny.
  • Here’s the map which shows the right order of plates which you need to activate to find the hidden treasure chest in Golgoroth Maze:
  • Getting to the hidden treasure in Golgoroth Maze is as simple as following the activation sequence shown on this map.

That’s all there is to know about the plates’ order to find hidden treasure in Golgoroth Maze in Destiny 2.