Deep Rock Galactic | How To Find Aquarqs?

DRG has several missions and one of them requires you to find Aquarqs. Here’s how to find Aquarqs in Deep Rock Galactic.

There are different types of missions in DRG, and some of them require you to complete multiple objectives. Some of these missions require you to kill harmful pests, some require you to gather Alien Eggs, and some require you to find nuts, flora, or fossils. One of these missions will require you to find Aquarqs in DRG which is very rare to find. So we have made this guide to help you in find Aquarqs in DRG.

Deep Rock Galactic – Aquarqs:

Aquarqs are enormous blue chunks with glowing core. It is a very rare mineral that can’t be found easily.

How To Find Aquarqs:

Follow the instructions below to find Aquarqs in Deep Rock Galactic:

  • You can find Aquarqs in icy biomes. You will have to delve deep into the ice walls of a cave to find them.
  • Look for a faint glow inside the icy cave’s walls and start digging.
  • You can’t spot them easily as their light can hardly be visible through ice.
  • But keep looking and you will find them for sure.
  • Start digging into the walls once you locate a chunk.
  • The Chunk will fall off the walls after you uncover it completly.
  • Pick up the chunk and return to your drop pod to deposit it.
  • You can’t carry this mineral in your bags so that’s why you must get it to the drop pod as soon as possible.