Deep Rock Galactic | How To Find Alien Eggs?

There are various types of tasks in DRG and one of them involves finding Alien Eggs. Here’s how to Find Alien Eggs in Deep Rock Galactic.

In DRG, you will be assigned different jobs in the lowest depths of space for your corporate lords. One of these missions will need you to gather Alien Eggs. So we have made this guide to tell you how to find Alien Eggs in DRG.

Deep Rock Galactic – Alien Eggs:

You can typically find Alien Eggs within fleshy walls in DRG. Fleshy walls are cave portions that contain eyeballs, tentacles, and appear to be alive.

How To Find:

Here’s how to find Alien Eggs in DRG:

  • Delve inside the cave, but you must know that there will be several types of bugs inside it that will be displeased by you so you must prepare yourself for them.
  • Keep digging inside the cave and you will find the Alien Eggs.
  • Pick up the Alien Egg and return to your drop pod.
  • You can find the Alien Egg locations by using your map.
  • The location of the Alien Egg will be highlighted as glowing spots on your map.