Dead Space Remake | How To Unlock The Z-Baller Trophy?

Dead Space Remake is a thrilling sci-fi horror game that has been recently recreated and improved upon by Motive Studio.

It’s not just about dismembering Necromorphs, though. The game also includes a fun minigame called Zero-G Basketball, which can be found in the Zero-G Gym on the Crew Deck of the USG Ishimura. For those who are interested in taking a break from the horror and shooting some hoops, this guide will help you unlock the Z-baller trophy.

How To Unlock Z-Baller Trophy in Dead Space Remake:

The Z-baller trophy or Xbox achievement requires players to complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball. To start the minigame, you need to go to the Zero-G Gym and use the panel to begin Z-Ball. A timer will start counting down to the start of the game, and you’ll need to be ready to grab the basketballs using the Kinesis Module and shoot them into the rings before the timer runs out.

According to the Z-Ball Rules text log, the objective of the game is to throw the basketball into the rings and reach the required level score before time expires. Glowing rings award more points, so you should prioritize shooting the ball at them instead of regular goals.

In order to finish Level Six of Zero-G Basketball, you must get a score of at least 220 points across the six levels. The challenge increases as you progress from Level One to Level Six, with some metal shields blocking the rings. The best strategy is to shoot as quickly as possible, especially at glowing rings.

It’s likely that you won’t complete Level Six in your first run, but that’s okay. Necromorph babies, also known as Lurkers, will start flinging projectiles at you midway through your first run, and you’ll need to dispatch them before continuing the game. With some practice and patience, you’ll soon be able to complete Level Six and unlock the Z-baller trophy.

Zero-G Basketball is a fun minigame in the Dead Space Remake that offers a welcome break from the horror. By following this guide, you should be able to unlock the Z-baller trophy and become a Z-baller in no time.