Dead Space Remake | How To Get To Medical Floor 6?

Dead Space Remake is a thrilling game full of dangerous monsters and labyrinthine corridors.

With only six floors in the gaming zone, players may think the journey from floor 1 to floor 5 is straightforward. However, reaching Medical Floor 6 requires some exploration and a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

Dead Space Remake – Medical Floor 6:

Here’s how to do it!

The key to accessing Medical Floor 6 is to discard the thought of the fifth floor and go back lower. On the fourth floor, players must search the Coolant Pipelines section to find an inconspicuous elevator shaft. Here are the steps to reach the hidden elevator:

  1. Go down to the fourth floor and start at the guard post, heading west.
  2. Find the corridor with the character who was banging his head against the wall.
  3. Continue straight ahead until reaching the Coolant Pipelines section.
  4. Turn left and look for the entrance to a small elevator shaft with weightlessness inside.

Enter the elevator shaft and use the thrusters to ascend. About halfway up, enter the hole that was once a door. Congratulations, you’ve now reached the sixth floor! The door leading to Medical Floor 6 can now be opened from the inside since you have a new level of clearance.

Beware, the sixth floor is full of dangerous Necromorphs, so make sure to reload your Force Gun and regenerate health. The journey to Medical Floor 6 may be challenging, but the reward is worth it.