Best Pokemon And Teams For The Pokemon Go Retro Cup Season 11

Retro Cup Season 11 has started in Pokemon GO and here we have covered all the Best Pokemon and Teams for It.

Spring into Spring event has been ended in PG and now the Retro Cup Season 11 for April has started. So now players are looking for suggestions for the best Pokemon and Teams they should use in it. In this guide, we have made a list of all the best Pokemon and teams that you should use for the Retro Cup Season 11 in PG.

Pokemon Go – Retro Cup Season 11:

Pokemon Trainers must fulfill the following two conditions in order to compete in PG’s Season 11:

  1. Your Pokemon should have at least 1,500 CP or below.
  2. You can’t use Steel, Dark, or Fairy-Type Pokemon, as they aren’t available in 1st Generation of Pokemon games.

Best Pokemon:

Here’s the list of the best Pokemon that you should use in the Retro Cup:

  1. Lickitung (XL) – Normal-Type: Lick/Power Whip
  2. Cresselia – Psychic-Type: Psycho Cut, Moonblast
  3. Regirock – Rock-Type: Lock-On, Stone Edge
  4. Abomasnow – Grass and Ice-Type: Powder Snow, Weather Ball
  5. Froslass – Ice and Ghost-Type: Powder Snow, Shadow Ball
  6. Chansey (XL) – Normal-Type: Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam
  7. Altaria – Dragon and Flying-type: Mud Shot, Rock Slide
  8. Dewgong – Water and Ice-Type: Frost Breath, Water Pulse
  9. Deoxys (Defense Form) – Psychic-Type: Counter, Psycho Boost
  10. Drifblim – Ghost and Flying-Type: Hex, Icy Wind

Best Team:

Here’s the list of the best Team combination that you should in the Retro Cup:

  1. Lickitung (XL) – Frosslass – Cresselia
  2. Dewgong – Altaria – Deoxys (Defense Form)
  3. Abomasnow – Cresselia – Altaria
  4. Froslass – Deoxys – Regirock
  5. Drifblim – Chansey (XL) – Dewgong