Best Build For Water Virtue in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a real-time strategy game that allows players a choice of six distinct virtues, each with its own special advantages and disadvantages. One of these qualities is the Water Virtue, which is linked to flexibility, wisdom, and water. The emphasis of Water Virtue players often shifts to commerce and diplomacy, and their play tends to be more defensive than attacking.

Water Virtue is the perfect game for gamers who want a more strategic style of play since it places a strong emphasis on economic growth, intelligence advancements, and naval combat. Players that choose the Water Virtue must establish a robust economy and commerce network, a powerful fleet, and defensive unit training. Players also need to pick heroes with skills that fit their playstyle and spend money on intelligence enhancements like sabotage and espionage. Here in this guide, we will tell you the best Water virtue build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Best Water Virtue:

Here’s the best Water Virtue Build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

Concentrate on the economy: As diplomacy and commerce are at the heart of Water Virtue, the economy must be the main focus. To create money, you should construct resource-producing buildings and trading channels. Also, you want to fund research in areas like trade and commerce that help your economy.

Create a powerful fleet: Since the Water Virtue is linked to the sea, it’s important to have a powerful navy. Build ships that can protect your ports and trade routes while also enabling you to conduct naval assaults. It’s crucial to upgrade your fleet since it may provide you with a decisive edge in combat. Training strong defense units is crucial since the Water Virtue is more defensive than the other virtues. Focus on developing defensively strong troops like crossbowmen, pikemen, and spearmen. They may improve their armor and weaponry to increase their combat potency.

Invest in intellect: Water Virtue is also related to knowledge and adaptability, thus it’s necessary to invest in intelligence. Research should be concentrated on the assassination, sabotage, and other intelligence improvements that may offer you an edge in combat.

Choose heroes carefully: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty heavily relies on its heroes, thus picking ones that fit your playstyle is crucial. Heroes with traits that advance commerce, diplomacy, and naval combat are appropriate for the Water Virtue. To defend your towns and trade routes, you need to choose heroes with defensive skills.

Use topography and fortifications to your advantage: Since Water Virtue is more defensive, using terrain and fortifications might help you win fights. The best places for your troops to be placed are behind walls, on high ground, or close to choke points. You may fortify your cities and trade routes by constructing structures like walls, towers, and gates.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s greatest Water Virtue build necessitates an emphasis on economics, a powerful fleet, defensive troops, intelligence upgrades, carefully picked heroes, and tactical use of terrain and fortifications. By using these suggestions, you may create a powerful Water Virtue empire that can repel invasions and rule in commerce and diplomacy.

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