What Are the Best Kratos Weapons in God of War: Ragnarok

Getting hold of the right weapons is one of the keys to success in any game, but it’s even more important in God of War: Ragnarok than in other games. So what do you need to know about each weapon to improve your chances?

The Leviathan Axe

This is the very first weapon you receive when you start playing this game. It’s effective at causing damage to your enemies and it also helps you to add Frost, which is the effect that makes your enemies slower. You can use it to hit your opponents powerfully when you engage in close combat, but it can also be thrown at your rivals. This is done by aiming with the L2 button and then using R2 to throw it. You can recall it with the triangle to do even more damage. It’s probably the most versatile of the weapons, but it’s also important for you to upgrade it from the starting strength of 10. Every time you upgrade the Leviathan Axe, it goes up by 15 points, and it can reach a maximum level of 130. Frozen Flames are used to upgrade it, and you can find them scattered throughout the game.

The Glacial Rake is one of the best skills in God of War: Ragnarok using this weapon. It’s activated with the R1 button and sees Kratos sweep the axe along the ground to create a huge amount of frost on the enemies around him. It’s one of the skills you should look to pick up quickly when you get started.

The Blades of Chaos  

Anyone who has played the previous games in this franchise will know what to expect from the Blades of Chaos, as these swords have appeared in different releases to date. For example, Kratos wielded them expertly in Ghost of Sparta and they’re just as devastating now as they were then. The good news is that you don’t need to wait long for them, as you can pick them up from the very first mission that you go on. It comes into its own when you need to fight against a bi-group of opponents, as it can be used to hit enemies over a wider area than is the case with other weapons. It’s the weapon you need to tackle any frosted enemies, as they won’t be damaged by the Leviathan Axe. This also gives you extra Burn effect status, which is used to cause extra damage in fights.

The Blades of Chaos start at level one and are increased by 15 on each new level, getting up to a top score of 130. Use a single Chaos Flame to upgrade this weapon each time. They can be used to move enemies back or forward and also as a way of quickly moving Kratos by using them as a sort of grappling hook.

One of the most powerful skills with this weapon is called Chaotic Rampage. Activating this skill leads to an incredible slashing attack carried out on an individual target. This causes a high level of Burn status effect on the person you attack, which is particularly useful on the mini-bosses you’ll meet. However, it isn’t as useful in a hectic fight against various rivals.

The Draupnir Spear

This is the weapon that everyone wants to try when they start playing this game, as it’s been added to the series for the first time in God of War: Ragnarok. However, you’ll need to wait for a chance to go into battle wielding it, as it’s the last weapon you’ll receive as you play through the game. It can be used in close combat situations, but the Draupnir Spear is at its most effective when you throw it at the rivals that you come across. The reason for this is that by pressing the triangle button as you throw it you can unlock several spears in one attack. This could be looked upon as the best weapon because it gives a good mid-point between the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe in terms of the area of attack and the amount of damage that it can cause to your enemies. The first time you pick up this spear, it’ll be a level five and with a Luck score of ten. The luck can go up to 50 and the spear itself to nine. The Gale Flame is the key to getting an upgrade of a single level each time.

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