The Most Outstanding Games For Everyone

Today, our life is almost the same in any part of the world. After coming home from a hard-working day, many people would love to chill and rest with some fantastic games. Anytime you get bored, you can test your luck by playing the online casino nz. If that would not help you to remove boredom, then you can choose some of the games from a news list we are going to talk about. Play fair and have fun! 

Ubisoft In UK

Ubisoft has announced a partnership with the UK Police to bring the worst cases of online inappropriate behavior directly to law enforcement. This is especially true for threats and harassment.

Northumbria Police will train staff at Ubisoft’s Newcastle office to identify particularly dangerous behavior when life is in danger. All such cases will be referred to the police.

In fact, there are not so many cases that are referred to the police like 0.01%. Everyone else is dealt with by Ubisoft support and players are just getting warnings.

Ubisoft itself notes that even if a person is not from the UK, the police will be able to contact the authorities of the country and conduct an investigation.

It is likely that in the future gaming companies will cooperate more with the authorities in order to protect the interests of citizens.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The network drew attention to the comment of the lead tester Hollow Knight: Silksong under the nickname Trustworthy Craig. In the official Discord channel, he wrote that the Team Cherry game is definitely worth the long wait.

The tester wrote that the creators of the game are working hard to release Hollow Knight: Silksong as soon as possible.

We understand your feelings and want the game to come out as soon as possible. The test team and of course Team Cherry are working very hard to bring Hollow Knight: Silksong to the players. This is a great game worth waiting for.

Hollow Knight: Silksong will someday be released on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. At launch in Game Pass.

Ballistic Moon

Foreign media drew attention to the vacancy of a senior dialogue designer at PlayStation. The description says that there will be work on major titles in collaboration with partners, among which is the studio of former Until Dawn developers called Ballistic Moon.

It is curious that, in addition to Ballistic Moon itself, the list includes Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, Firesprite, London Studios, Housemarque, Media Molecule, Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch Productions, that is, Sony’s own studios.

By the way, at the time of writing the news, the mention of Ballistic Moon from the job description has already been removed. Probably the name of the company was put there ahead of time or it’s just a mistake.

The purchase of Ballistic Moon by Sony is also hinted at by the studio’s social networks and the official website. On Twitter, for example, the mention of “independent game studio” still hangs. The site is no longer there.

The studio’s website also says that its team is working on a major game with a new publisher, as well as a title for its own franchise. There were rumors of Sony’s involvement as early as August 2022.

Leader Pass For Civilization 6

Firaxis has released teasers for three more leaders that will become available in the upcoming Leader Pass update for Civilization 6. These are the rulers of Egypt, Ramses and Cleopatra of Ptolemy, as well as the king of Mali, Sundiat Keita, all of whom will be added to the strategy on February 16th.

Like last time, the developers showed only animations of new characters and did not say a word about their unique properties.

Civilization 6 is available on all current platforms. The Leader Pass expansion includes 18 new (and updated old) leaders that will appear in the game from November to March. For owners of the most complete version of the strategy, the add-on will be free, and other gamers will be able to purchase it separately.



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