How to level up fast in Eureka for FFXIV

What is Eureka?

Eureka is a term associated with the four special zones released throughout the Stormblood expansion in FFXIV. It’s similar to the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, with its own unique leveling system. Eureka was designed to enhance the game’s third relic weapon grind. Your progress in Eureka is permanent, but dying can cause you to lose experience and potentially de-level.

Despite needing to be at least level 70, your character’s level outside of Eureka is irrelevant as you start from level 1. You can gain experience by defeating monsters in the wild during FATEs. While this method requires a lot of grinding, it offers exciting gameplay and a storyline filled with intriguing lore centered around Krile, the Baldesions, and the once-lost Isle of Val.

How is Eureka Unlocked?

Unlocking Eureka is not overly complicated. After completing the Stormblood main scenario questline, you can take the “And we shall call it Eureka” quest from Rhalgr’s Reach. This quest will lead you to Kugane to speak with Kotokaze, who will direct you to Pier 1 at the far east end of the city. Here, you’ll find a ship that will provide access to all four regions of Eureka.

How to Level Up Fast

Leveling up in Eureka can be challenging. It’s not a task you can complete in a few hours like a typical raid. However, it’s a rewarding challenge that completely transforms the way you operate in Hydaelyn. To level up quickly in Eureka, you should focus on efficiently killing mobs.

If you’re a solo player, it’s advisable to take on monsters 2-3 levels higher than yourself for the highest amount of experience without risking a costly death. The more players in your group, the more monsters you can tackle. However, ensure no player in the group is 5 or more levels higher than the lowest one, as this will prevent you from gaining experience.

Use Resources Wisely

In-game resources like potions are not very useful in Eureka, but player-made ones are. For instance, the unofficial Eureka tracker map for FFXIV is a game-changer. It features a detailed built-in map and FATE trackers, helping you stay aware of the highest risks in each zone and where to gain the most experience for your level.

Closing Off

In conclusion, Eureka, inspired by classic MMOs, is a challenging game mode. It can be confusing without the Eureka tracker map. Remember to participate in FATEs, challenge logs, mutations, sprites, dragons, and chain experience. There’s plenty to do in the game, and much to share with friends. It’s important to find strategies and methods that work best for you. This game mode requires a lot of grinding, but that’s part of the fun. Be sure to follow the methods laid out in this guide and do more research on your own. FFXIV is a large and dynamic game, which is part of its appeal.



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